DODAF – DOD Architecture Framework Version – DOD Deputy Chief DoDAF has been designed to meet the specific business and operational needs of. The DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Version facilitates the ability of Department of Defense (DoD) managers at all levels to make key decisions more . 1 Sep DoDAF is the overarching, comprehensive framework and conceptual model enabling Guide: DoDAF Architecture Framework Version

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JCIDS process owners have written policy to support architecture requirements i.

The DoDAF Architecture Framework Version 2.02

E-Government Act of Broad summary information about the whole enterprise e. The DoDAF enables architectural content that is “Fit-for-Purpose” as an architectural description dodf with dodaf 2.02 project or mission objectives.

Because the techniques of architectural description can be applied at myriad levels of an enterprise, the purpose or use of an architectural description at each level dodaf 2.02 be different in content, structure, and level of detail. Node is a complex, logical concept that is represented with more concrete concepts.

In turn, DoD Instruction However, when the basic structure of an activity is very stable and the activity repeated often, such as military operations dodaf 2.02 or project definition and management, the enterprise may choose to include that structure as part of the Architectural Description itself.

It establishes a basis for semantic i. There are many different approaches for creating an integrated architecture using DoDAF and for determining which products are required. The primary dodaf 2.02 of the JCIDS process is to ensure warfighters receive the capabilities required to dodaf 2.02 their assigned missions successfully.

Federal law and policies have expressed the need for architectures in support of business dodaf 2.02. Visualizing architectural data is accomplished through models e. As the DM2 matures to meet the ongoing data requirements of process owners, decision makers, architects, and new technologies, it dodaf 2.02 evolve to doodaf resource that more completely supports the requirements for architectural data, published in a consistently understandable way, and will enable greater ease for discovering, sharing, and reusing architectural data across organizational boundaries.

Dodaf 2.02 using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Facilitates vodaf analysis and the identification of duplicative investments, gaps, and opportunities for collaboration within and across Federal Agencies. The Services portion of the older Systems and Services Viewpoint is now a Services Viewpoint that addresses in more detail our net-centric or services-oriented implementations. DoDAF generically describes in dodaf 2.02 representation of the artifacts to be generated, but allows considerable flexibility regarding the doaf formats and modeling techniques.


Views Read Edit View history. The developing system must not only meet its internal data needs but also dodaf 2.02 of the operational framework into which it is 2.002. Calls for the development of Enterprise Architecture to aid in enhancing the management and promotion of electronic government services and processes.

These products are organized under four views:. Capability architecting is done primarily to support the definition dodaf 2.02 capability requirements. Selecting Architecture Viewpoints carefully ensures that the views adequately docaf concerns, e. These views do not require any particular graphical design by toolset vendors. The OV provides textual and graphical representations of operational nodes and elements, assigned tasks and activities, and information flows docaf nodes.

Dodaf 2.02 defines the type of information exchanged, the frequency of exchanges, the tasks and activities supported by these exchanges and the nature of the exchanges. Skip to main content Press Enter.

Department of Defense Architecture Framework – Wikipedia

Office of Management dodaf 2.02 Budget Circular A A presentation of these viewpoints is portrayed in graphic format below: Technical standards view TV products define technical standards, implementation conventions, business rules and criteria that dodaf 2.02 the architecture.

Execution of technical management processes and activities, such as trade studies or risk management activities may point to specific requirements, interfaces, or design solutions as non-optimal and suggest change to increase system-wide performance, achieve cost savings, or meet scheduling deadlines.

dodaf 2.02 Information about how aspects of the enterprise are connected e. As illustrated below, the original viewpoints Operational Viewpoint, Systems and Services Viewpoint, Technical Standards Viewpoint, and the All Viewpoint dodaf 2.02 had their Dodaf 2.02 reorganized to better address their purposes. The repository is defined by the common database schema Core Architecture Data Model 2. The three views and their interrelationships — driven by common architecture data elements — provide the basis for deriving dodfa such as interoperability or performance, and for measuring the impact of the values of these metrics on operational mission and task effectiveness.


As one example, the DoDAF v1.

These views are artifacts for visualizing, understanding, and assimilating the broad scope and complexities of an architecture description through tabularstructuralbehavioralontologicalpictorialdodaf 2.02graphicalprobabilisticor alternative conceptual means. Through various techniques dodxf applications, the presentation of Architectural data increases customer understanding and architecture’s usefulness dkdaf decision-making by dodaf 2.02 the data underlying the architectural models into the context of the problem space for each decision-maker.

Background – DODAF – DOD Architecture Framework Version – DOD Deputy Chief Information Officer

In simpler terms, dodaf 2.02 is seen in the connection from items common among architecture products, where items shown in one architecture product such as sites used or systems interfaced or services provided should have the identical number, dodaf 2.02, and meaning appear in doraf architecture product views.

The JCIDS, PPBE, and DAS processes establish a knowledge-based approach, which requires program managers to attain the right knowledge at critical junctures to make informed program decisions throughout the acquisition process.

The sequence of the artifacts listed below gives a suggested order in which the codaf could be developed. The Project Viewpoint also details dependencies among capability dodaf 2.02 operational requirements, system engineering processes, systems design, and services design within the Defense Acquisition System process. Only a subset of the full DoDAF viewset is usually created for each system development. The approach to the dodaf 2.02 of Architectural Description moves away from static and rigid one-size-fits-all templates of architecture portrayals for architects.

In general, data dodaf 2.02 be collected, organized, and stored by a wide range of architecture tools developed by commercial sources. DoD managers, as process owners, specify the requirements and dodaf 2.02 the development of architectures within their areas of authority and responsibility. Each of these three levels of the DM2 is important to a particular viewer of Departmental processes:.

The presentational aspects should not overemphasize the pictorial presentation at the expense of the underlying data.