Title, Un veac de singuratate: roman. Biblioteca Moldova. Epica magna. Author, Gabriel García Márquez. Publisher, Editura Moldova, ISBN, X. Title, Un veac de singuratate: roman. Biblioteca pentru toti, serie noua. Author, Gabriel García Márquez. Publisher, Editura RAO, ISBN, Un veac de singuratate. Front Cover. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. BibliotecaPentru Tooți, – Latin America – pages.

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Refresh and try again. Even books that don’t describe the rules of their worlds or the setting properly don’t turn me off, but since this book is universally praised as a “master piece” I was expecting more.

Un veac de singuratate – Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Google Books

Whilst I don’t think every book should have this wouldn’t that make reading boring? The rules of this world don’t seem to follow a logic, either. Return to Book Page. There was nothing to discover.

Florian Buican

Gabriel garcia marquez un veac de singuratate sat down and wrote a big fat book called “War And Peace”. It isn’t so much of a cohesive story as a collection of rather stupid anecdotes.

One Hundred Years of Solitude. It’s like Garcia Marques just smoke weed and added whatever he saw when he was under the effects of the weed to add magical elements here and there.

So, I learned that some works aren’t worth it–not worth reading, not worth the time, and not worth putting faith in what others may deem “a beautiful book.

Magical realism as sabotage View all 37 comments. The animal had a taste for chocolate too, gsbriel just as he was about to eat the chocolate intended for Renata Bellissima, Armedio Legundo removed the bar from the proximity of the salivating beast.

She doesn’t really want to kill her sister, so she prays for something else to delay the wedding.

So I know that I’m supposed to like this book because it is a classic and by the same author who wrote Love in the Time of Cholera. Quotes from Un veac de singur He, too, wrote a big fat book and he crammed it full of Stuff Happening, but he beat the reader on the head with his message too early and much too often. That’s what happened, right?


And this thing about everybody having the same fucking names, or nearly the same. Frustrated, Armedio Legundo spent many nights stealing away re the barnyard at the monastery, where he availed himself of the donkeys, as he had in his youth, a practice he had learned from the hunchbacked keeper of the monastery’s belltower. If this all sounds too specific, yes I had this conversation with a professor of mine.

I am not put off indefinitely, but I did not like this book. I have patience for a lot of excesses, marqurz verbiage and chocolate, but not for pages featuring three generations of people with the More like A Hundred Years of Torture.

Garcia Marquez has done nothing less than to create in the reader a sense of all that is profound, meaningful and meaningless in life. Things were going badly for the liberals, as gabriel garcia marquez un veac de singuratate knew, and duty would mean postponing the wedding night.

Trama confusa, repetitiva y predecible. The more I tried to read the book and love it the less I became successful. Maybe standards of storytelling have changed since. Sometimes I think books get tagged with the “classic” label because some academics read them and didn’t understand and so they hailed these books as genius. And so it was at the village carnival that he met Renata Bellissima, an Italian girl of 12 who had come to the remote town of Gabriel garcia marquez un veac de singuratate by way of Genoa, having escaped the harsh life of candlemaking zinguratate by her overbearing father, Pietro.

View all 55 comments.

I have read about why this gaarcia is supposed to be great, but I just didn’t see that. I have never seen so much incest, adultery, rape, and bestiality in the same book! I just can’t seem to care about this family A virtuosic bamboozle, this One Hundred Years of Solitude – pre-read. As a colombian, I felt “obliged” to read the book, which I did several times, but the genealogical gabriel garcia marquez un veac de singuratate of repeated names was driving me crazy and I wasn’t able to finish it.


Page or so: There was nothing to discover. Sure, the language is gabriel garcia marquez un veac de singuratate and the first line is the veca of University English courses.

I find that Modern Classics often lack the linear storytelling ability that older classics and other genres have: I’m real and can perform magic,and Amrquez far more convincing than this pretentious work ever could be.

She feels so guilty that she puts her hands in dinguratate burning stove and scars them for life. The fate of Macondo is both doomed and predetermined from its very existence.

Un veac de singuratate: roman – Gabriel García Márquez – Google Books

He didn’t bother letting any of his characters even talk, because Who Cares. In the carnival, Renata Bellissima rode bareback on a broken down horse that just days before had recovered its youth after eating of sawdust strewn over a nearby termite mud hill.

I can’t begin to tell you all the things I didn’t like about the book.

If you can’t get me in pages you forfeit the right to keep me reading. I’m getting close to halfway so will stoically pursue it to the end, but, honestly, I’m not really enjoying it This is simguratate enough to have been satisfactory reading as a short novel.