No more cutting off connectors. Maximize space in a cabinet. Fewer warranty claims. Roxtec in the OEM industry. A truly flexible sealing system. Shielded. Application: A multidiameter sealing module consists of two halves with removable layers and a centre core. One single module can seal a cable or pipe of. Search in Roxtec International catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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We can help select the appropriate cable gland kit for your enclosure or design and engineer a custom cable entry system for all other applications. From our UK office we were able to draw on roxtec mct catalogue skills of our offices around the world to deliver expertise on the ground in Europe and the Middle East. Excel Automation is a Roxtec authorized stocking distributor.

Two Roxtec seal kits will be installed on each one of the Roxtec mct catalogue Python Foundation Cranes – sealing multi-cable transit openings and thereby protecting the equipment.

Roxtec cable seals are to be utilized on cataloogue undisclosed project in one of the biggest oil fields in the Central North Sea. Excel Automation is an authorized Roxtec stocking distributor. Standard multi-pin 24 roxtec mct catalogue.

Roxtec products

Our shopping cart details the standard Roxtec kits; call us for assistance with all other sealing applications. Roxtec mct catalogue is a multi-national engineering project with production taking place around the world. This allows a single gland to accommodate a roxtsc cable diameter range.

This technology makes it possible for customers to place an order without knowing the exact cable diameter, an attractive feature for roxtec mct catalogue requiring flexibility. Protection – the Roxtec cable transit solution protects against risks caused by fire, gas, water, dust, pests, blast load and electromagnetic interference.


Roxtec Cable Entry

Most Roxtec cable glands are water-tight NEMA 4Xaccommodate a large cable diameter range, and allow you to pass pre-terminated cables through an enclosure, wall, floor, etc, with no cutting or splicing.

We provide site eoxtec, transit solution designs, prototypes based upon design brief and specification, installation services for Roxtec cable transit systems. Another key feature of Roxtec cable glands is that they can have more roxtec mct catalogue than are needed at time of catallgue installation, allowing for the addition of more cables when needed later on. Roxtec mct catalogue is a drawing of the typical installation procedure for our Roxtec cable entry systems.

Our site only details the standard kits for enclosures; contact us for all other sealing applications for the following industries: Cayalogue sealing solutions for Ex applications.

Roxtec products | Roxtec

Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by newness Sort by price: Click for more info. Please view our site below for on-line ordering or contact us for assistance at Service – roxtec mct catalogue Roxtec cable transit solution provides optimum cable and pipe sealing via the Roxtec Transit Manager software – local installation training is available nationwide. Contact us at Roxtec Cable Transits Cable Transits Roxtec Cable Transits – Seal Cables, Seal Pipes Roxtec cable transit frames provide rectangular and round roxtec mct catalogue frames for cables and pipes ensuring safety, efficiency and long-term operational reliability.

Kit includes lubricant, screws, and hex keys.

Roxtec Cable Entry

The cable glands are easy to install and keep the project looking neat, clean and professional. Roxtec cable transit frames provide rectangular and round sealing frames for cables and pipes roxtec mct catalogue safety, efficiency and long-term operational reliability.

Roxtec — How it Works. Roxtec Installation Pictures Below are installation pictures of our Roxtec cable entry sytems in the following industries: Our site only details the standard kits for enclosures; contact us for all other sealing applications for the following industries:. For a live roxtec mct catalogue demonstration of one of our products, fill out this form, or call us now.


Roxtec cable roxtec mct catalogue are space-efficient, allowing the maximum number of cables to pass through the smallest area possible. Roxtec product comes with an IP67 rating promising operational reliability – Roxtec offers protection from dust ingress and immersion in water between 15cm and 1m depth.

Below are installation pictures of our Roxtec cable entry sytems in the following industries: Roxtec roxtec mct catalogue modules simplify design, speeds up cable transit installation with built-in spare capacity for future cable or pipe project jct. Roxtec’s extensive experience and roxtec mct catalogue in the global offshore sector helped it win the work on the massive project.

Cables will be sealed using Roxtec’s stainless steel R foxtec with a modified sleeve. Please download any roxtfc the Roxtec catalogs below, visit our site for more information and on-line ordering, or contact us for application or sales assistance.

Roxtec sealing solutions for cables and pipes ensure safety, efficiency and long term operational reliability. Call Excel Automation, your authorized Roxtec distributor, for technical and sales support.

Request a Live Video Demonstration. The cable entry seals will be used to protect electrical and instrumentation equipment against fire, blast and water in the main platforms and the living quarters.

The cranes will be installed on the foundation piece of the wind turbines and be used to load mcf unload materials and equipment. Roxtec — How it Works Below is a drawing of the typical roxtec mct catalogue procedure for our Roxtec cable entry systems.