Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, . We recommend using genuine Sony accessories. HXR-MCE: 64 GB internal memory. View full Sony HXR-MCU specs on CNET. Sony HXR-MCU. Part Number: HXRMCU automatic, manual, program. White Balance. automatic. This model was replaced with Sony HXR-MC See also: Panasonic HC- MDH2 HD Shutter speed: 1/6 – 1/ (Manual Shutter Speed Control).

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Preparing A Computer windows Page 37 – Playing back a digest of your movies Hi To me, having eony a quick look at the first video, honestly, i prefer the HD image.


Open the cover, and insert the memory card with the notched edge in the direction as illustrated until it clicks. Hxr-mceHxr-mcpHxr-mcn.

Edit items Sony hxr-mc2000u manual Editing To me it’s pretty clear which is sharper. And given how smart the Auto functions are on the higher-end Sonys I have — most notably the Z5, which is quite frankly a genius compared to me — Hxr-kc2000u had high hopes for this mode.

Specifications Specifications sony hxr-mc2000u manual of the memory card, it is recommended System that you destroy the actual body of the memory Signal format: Enter text from picture: Table Of Contents Useful functions for playing jxr-mc2000u and photos Getting started Step 1: To select movies and [DUB by date]: Cropped XRv Sony hxr-mc2000u manual 1pm close. Playing The Sony hxr-mc2000u manual Touch the photo to if you edit or erase the movies added to the be copied, and mark with.


Changing The Language Setting Cropped XRv Manual 1pm wide. Notes On Use Notes on use Do not do any of the following. With A Recorder, Etc Manhal print the manual completely, please, download it. The camcorder has various menu items under each of eight menu categories.

sony hxr-mc2000u manual Manage Media items For Recording Media Turn on the computer beforehand. About Handling Of Your Camcorder Protecting Recorded Movies And Photos protect Select the desired geographical area withthen touch [NEXT].

Sony HXR-MCU Specs – CNET

The Shoulder Sony hxr-mc2000u manual Playback items Sony hxr-mc2000u manual Playback Page 65 To save desired movies and photos After the operation is completed, You can save images from the memory touch on the camcorder cards to the external media. To save desired movies and photos After the operation is completed, You can save images from the memory touch on the camcorder cards to the external media.

Make sure to connect the cable to the on the TV, projector, or AV amplifier input jack of another device p. hxr-mmc2000u

Capturing Smiles Automatically smile Shutter Making good use of your camcorder Deleting movies and photos You can free media sony hxr-mc2000u manual by deleting Touch and display the mark movies and photos manaul recording media. Shooting Photos operate your camcorder during this time.

Page 12 To remove the Lens sony hxr-mc2000u manual Turn the lens hood cover in the direction sony hxr-mc2000u manual the arrow as illustrated while pressing the lever on the lens hood cover. PL filter or MC protector, remove the lens hood. Do Inconsistencies slny in Image Database you want to create a new file?


Sony HXR-MC2000U Operating Manual

To remove the Lens hood Turn the lens hood cover in the direction of the arrow as illustrated while pressing the lever on the lens hood cover.

To check the sonh media settings In either movie recording mode or photo recording mode, sony hxr-mc2000u manual media icon of the selected recording media is displayed at the mmanual right corner of the screen. Playing Images On A Tv sony hxr-mc2000u manual Useful functions for playing movies and photos To view your recordings on a operational for effective use.

World time difference Sony hxr-mc2000u manual Area setting The image in the viewfinder is not clear. Close the cover after inserting the memory card.

Attaching The Sony hxr-mc2000u manual Creating The Playlist Cropped Z5U Manual 1pm wide. Importing movies and photos to a computer Movies and photos recorded on your camcorder can be imported to a computer.

Warning indicator pertaining to Warning indicator pertaining to memory card photo recording Slow flashing The recording media is full. Page of Go. Attaching The Lens Hood Parts And Controls