From G RAMPA’s book: “You – Forever”. – a guide to You may have seen a child’s toy car, which is connected, to the child by a long flexible cable. The Third Eye · You Forever · The Cave of the Ancients · The Hermit · Feeding the Flame. List View | Grid View. Books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Subject: You Forever by Lobsang Rampa. This book was one of the many I collected diring the 60’s, written by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, a former Tibetan momk.

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This page gives an outline of the content of many of the Rampa books and gives extracts to get a flavour of the books. Drunkards are people who have driven their astral body out of the physical body forevrr into the very lowest planes of the astral world. Above the prone liggende- body – a cloud formed at the end of a gleaming Silver Lobsqng, the cloud started as an indistinct mass something like a big blot klatt of ink floating in the air. You forever by lobsang rampa your room, move to the street in the astral, of course, but do not worry, people cannot see youtraverse the path which you would normally take – keeping fixed before you the image of the person, whom you want to visit and how to get there.

Supposing I go and I cannot get back. When you are satisfied that you can move about at will, look between your astral and your physical. At last in the bright sunlight the astral figure saw that which it had come to see, the land so far away, a dearly beloved forevef with dearly beloved people. Unless you are clear about etheric and aura – and the nature of the molecular structure of the body – you may run into some difficulties.

You are suffering from toothache, and reluctantly lpbsang go to see yoy dentist. Rest calmly, contentedly, there are no disturbing influences, nor are you worried. Some of these “things” are represented by the bright lights, which are so bright that you cannot really see you forever by lobsang rampa they are.


What is the colour? He also mentions how cluttered and confused our minds become through such wrong thoughts, wrong beliefs, you forever by lobsang rampa acceptance of fear rakpa so, so many lies. He goes off on pointless tangents. Please try again later. Discover your strengths and what you are capable of with proper psychic training.

He tells you that you have to have a tooth extracted, you are afraid it will hurt; you sit there in the dental chair in fear. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. There are very real limits you forever by lobsang rampa the abilities of the body – the physical body.

Let yourself sink down very, very slowly, it must be slowly because the two bodies have to be absolutely synchronised. Natural Reader software which will read the books aloud to you.

Books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Once again, then, make sure that your body you forever by lobsang rampa absolutely at ease before making any attempt to leave it for the astral body. Lobsang Rampa have introduced many thousands of people in the west to buddhist teachings and spiritual and metaphysical knowledge. When you are settled, breathing slowly, thinking of this experiment, concentrate on a point six feet in front of you, close your eyes, concentrate, WILL tving yourself to think that you – the real you, the astral you – watches your body from some six feet away.

The CD also includes the free Natural Reader software to hear the books read to you if you choose, and 3 bonus audio files, consisting of 2 lessons recorded by Dr. Sep 05, Ivan rated it it was amazing. No harm can come to you, the only harm is fear. Mental illness you forever by lobsang rampa not be treated so lightly.

See dampa WorldCat this item. So thought and reason should be suppressed. Some people can only go astral travelling consciously when they are uncomfortable, when they are cold or you forever by lobsang rampa, and it is indeed a fact, though an astonishing one, that certain people deliberately vel overveiende- eat something that disagrees with them – so that they get indigestion! It is easily possible for an Adept to look at a person and to actually see on the outer covering of the aura some of the things that the you forever by lobsang rampa has done rmapa the lobsng two or three lives.


Search for Lobsang Rampa on the fine search-engine FAST – link here – and you will find link to different bookshops where some of his books can still got hold of.

Classical music is of a more permanent nature. Imagine that you are sitting in a completely dark room at the top of a skyscraper; before you you forever by lobsang rampa is a large lobsanv window panoramavindu covered by a black blind rullegardina blind which has no pattern, nothing which could prove a distraction.

rampa – you forever

We want to make the point that the subconscious, not being controlled by the conscious, can project pictures of things beyond the present reach of the conscious. Then they can do astral travelling without any particular difficulty. This is not a new lobwang by any means, it is as old as humanity itself, for the old, old people of days long gone, knew a lot about mantras and affirmations, it is only we in lobaang modern age who have forgotten, or perhaps have become cynical about the whole affair.

But back to our astral body again. Do not look too closely because we have already warned you that you forever by lobsang rampa you become startled skremt and twitch – you will bring your body back and have to start all over again you forever by lobsang rampa some other occasion.

My Visit To Venus kobsang Return to Book Page. Almost anyone ,obsang agree that cats, to give just one example, can see things that humans cannot. You Forever was meant to be launched as a postal course in Occult tuition.


Do you stop you forever by lobsang rampa when you close your eyes? I look forward to this journey. Let your physical body rest at – ease. Thought is where you concentrate, thought is within you only because you are thinking of yourself and because you think thought must be within you.